restyling my wardrobe: trying on

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Trying on is actually stage 3 of my Restyle Guide but I had an inkling I may have to do two trying on sessions and I wanted to grab my friend, Katy when she had her day off so I skipped stage 2 and I’m going to come back to my “Understand your body shape” for my next post. Katy is my good friend and Wardrobe Sorting partner, she has a good eye for fashion and I trust her judgement, I know she’ll be honest. Wearing my most flattering undies and bra, I tried on all the items on my rail and in the piles I had identified as unworn or worn very little last summer. I had dug out some shoes that had not seem daylight for a while, especially the heals!


There were a few things that just weren’t right and went in the black bag but mostly they fell into 2 categories;

  1. Things that needed altering in some way, either because they were too big or too small or just out of date.
  2. Things that I’d forgotten about in the haste of daily life.

I also had a few items that I wasn’t wearing because I didn’t have a matching piece to make up an outfit.

Re-styled and Re-loved

I rediscovered some items I hadn’t worn for ages. We had a play with shoes, belts, jackets and jewelry and found some new outfit combinations. Not sure I’ll ever wear the candy-striped 70s dress but I can’t bring myself to change it, perhaps I will glide around the garden in it with a G&T!! I have been posting some #reloved items on social media this week.



I have a rail of upcycling ranging from a quick half-hour alterations to longer sewing projects. I’ve realised I have lots of tops but fewer skirts or trousers other than jeans or leggings to make up outfits. When I’ve done my body shape analysis, I will crack on with some upcycling projects to fill the gaps in my wardrobe.


An exhausting day, but a worthwhile start. I still feel that my wardrobe is a bit random and I have that moment in the morning when I stare at my clothes and think I have nothing to wear. I can see plenty of items of clothing but with the time pressure of the morning routine, the weird weather and a feeling of wanting to wear something different for the new season, it takes a while to feel inspired. So I am going to do another session and focus on putting outfit combinations together. Looking at the photographs there are definitely things in my wardrobe more flattering to my shape than others so I will do my body shape analysis before I try on again.


Marie Kondo has opened up the idea that using ALL of your wardrobe is also about how you store your clothes.  When I’ve read a bit more, I’m going to rearrange my wardrobe into categories by occasion so that I have all my daytime outfits in one place for easy selection in the mornings!  One simple reason I wasn’t wearing my clothes was that they were waiting to be ironed so that’s also on my “to do” list! I’m also keeping a “wardrobe gaps” diary for a couple of weeks and when I’m struggling to find an item, I’ll note it down for my shopping or upcycling list.

There are no short cuts to this, but a few days in and already I’m feeling brighter, less cluttered and I’ve worn some clothes that I haven’t worn for ages. I’m looking forward to some upcycling projects and finding some new outfit combinations. And the best bit is, I haven’t spent a penny yet! And I feel that when I do shop, I will be in a position to make wise choices and spend more per item because I will know that I need them.


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