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FASHION IS A LOVE STORY ….. my clothes tell my stories, my energy, my mood, the visual language by which I communicate my personal philosophy and identity .. the daily armour that protects me and keeps me warm.

What you wear tells people about who you are.

But within the culture of fast fashion there’s no space to have a relationship with clothes.

I’ve had a life-long affection for 2ndhand, it makes up 85% of my wardrobe, I’ve collected pieces over many years, I wear things again and again and I view my wardrobe as a collection of stories handed on to me. I’m a re-fashion designer, I re-tailor clothes; original cut and details are my inspiration and waste is my raw material. I have great respect for garment making and I like to expose functionality in my designs.

I started this blog in search of  a way of dressing with a clear conscience because I am uncomfortable with the price paid by people and the environment for my clothes. I wanted a place to showcase my work and build a community with a shared interest in buying less, wasting less and remaking, restyling and repairing the clothes we already have.

I’m recently back in my home city of Liverpool and I’ve set up STUDIO THRIFT in John Archer Hall, L8. I’ll be teaching some workshops in remaking and repair and events to raise awareness about slow fashion.

I’m busy practicing, making, preparing for workshops and to update the content of this site. Click on the pics below to view some earlier work and like / follow on your fav social media channel.